2017-2018 Souls Shot

Portraits of Victims of Gun Violence

A note from Laura Madeleine and Rebecca Thornburgh

The statistics are relentless and disturbing. The details are gruesome and troubling. The destructive nature of gun violence is evident every single day. Obscured by the numbers are the realities of the lives lost, the lives destroyed.

Victims’ families constantly face questions and comments about their loved ones, mostly about the circumstances of the gun violence. We seek to focus on the lives that were lived before the split second, unacceptable, bad decision that was made by the shooter. These were people who did not deserve the consequences of that devastating choice. These people were – and are – more than numbers.

The artists participating in the Souls Shot: Portraits of Victims of Gun Violence were matched with the families and friends of victims, or, in some cases, artists already had personal connections with victims. The artists set out to illuminate the lives of these victims. These portraits represent only a very small fraction of the people affected by this epidemic of gun violence.

On behalf of all those who participated in creating this exhibition, we hope you will be moved by the images and that you will get to know the depth of these unique human being, our fellow souls.

Many thanks to the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill and Heeding God’s Call to End Gun Violence for their sponsorship of this exhibition.