Souls Shot Portraits at the Main Line Art Center

The portraits are hanging in the beautiful Main Line Art Center until mid-July.  The colorful paintings of Armen Yepoyan are in the adjoining gallery. He held a reception Thursday evening which was attended by well over one hundred people, most of who took the time to look at the portraits and learn about the Souls Shot portrait project.  It seems impossible for anyone to view these works without being moved.  There were many who saw the portraits and have contacted us with interest in helping in many ways.  

We will hold a reception on July 12 at the Art Center and raise more funds to keep the good work of Heeding God's Call to End Gun Violence and the portrait project going!  We are excited to be planning the second annual exhibition, as stated here previously, as well as the third edition!  Some of the venues we are lining up include cathedrals, synagogues, art centers , theaters, and more.  This is moving toward a project that will have participation by other cities, as well.  We are proud to be able to shine a light on the tragic losses our communities are suffering and honor the victims.