How to Participate in the second annual exhibitI


Please read below to learn more about how you can be involved.  Clicking on the buttons will take you away from this site. 


if you are an artist

All artists over 18, working in any media, are welcome to apply.  The project is based in the Philadelphia area but all artists are welcome.  Accepted artists will create a portrait of a victim of gun violence.  Artists who have already created such a work may submit it for consideration.  Most artists will be matched with families or friends of a victim (or may work with a family or friend already known to them). They will communicate with the family or friend, receive source material such as photographs and stories, and create a portrait.  The definition of a portrait is to be broadly interpreted.  The goal is to present diverse works that in some way relay graphically or through narrative the essence of the person being portrayed.  

If you are a family member or friend of a victim of gun violence

We invite you to participate. You will be matched with an artist who will create a portrait of your loved one.  The artists participating in this project will be working in a variety of styles and media.  They are charged with making a portrait in the broad sense of the word - a work that will convey  the essence of the person - and not all portraits will be in a realistic style.  You will meet with the artist and provide photos, mementos, stories and anything that will help the artist to better know your loved one.  Please respond by clicking below. 

if you want to help and/or purchase a full color catalog

Volunteers are welcome! If you are interested in planning related events, leading students through the exhibition, helping with promotion, helping to find venues, please contact us! The portraits are exhibited in various spaces - if you have such a space or know of one, please contact us!   Monetary donations are always welcome to promote this project and keep it on view and can be made by clicking on the DONATE at the top of the home page.  There is also a beautiful catalog of images and commentary produced for the first annual exhibition that is available for purchase through the link below.  Thank you in advance for your support.